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Québec's #1 Temporary Rental Solution

Perfect for all relocation situations, Arrow is the ideal solution for businesses, organizations and individuals. We offer a wide array of fully-equipped condos in some of Quebec City and Montreal’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.


Discover our 31 days & more stays

Discover our units

Discover our units

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Whether you are a business, a disaster victim, an insurer or an individual, Arrow Rentals has the hosting solution for you. Our temporary rental units are fully furnished and fully equipped.

Private individual

Do you need temporary accommodation? We have housing units that are available now. All rentals are fully furnished and fully equipped.


Want to house your employees? We have temporary turnkey accommodation suited for one or several workers.

Home disaster victim — Insurer

Had a home disaster and can’t stay in your house, condo, or apartment? We offer a turnkey service to relocate you quickly, at any time.


Flexible temporary rental

31 days or more

Our rentals are available for a minimum of 31 days. Afterward, you can extend by the day, week, or month. You might like to know that the longer the initial rental period, the more cost-effective the monthly rate.


Quality of the rental units

Our more-recently built rental units are offered with a range of features. Our high quality standards are reflected in the quality of the finishes and furnishings. The units are fully furnished and fully equipped, which means we supply everything from household appliances to kitchenware to bedding. With our turnkey service, all you need to bring are your personal effects.


Quick move-in

The occupation process we have put in place is simple and quick. You can take possession of your rental unit on the date of your choice, or even on the same day. As for your departure, it also takes place at the time that is most convenient for you.


Service 24/7

Our around-the-clock service is there to give you peace of mind. Our maintenance team is always ready to take the necessary measures if ever a repair is required. Whether the problem occurs in the wee hours of the night or on a weekend, you can notify us at any time. Repairs will be carried out as soon as possible to ensure your safety and comfort.


No long-term commitment

At Arrow, you don't have to sign a 12-month lease. We operate on the basis of flexible rental contracts tailored to your needs. You therefore never have to commit for a long period.



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